Tuesday, 25 October 2011

things never go to plan.

So my original plan for today:
Study and go for a run.

Did this happen?
Erm NOO!?!

I hate it when I make a plan of the day ahead and it never goes to plan, I still had a good day, but still NOT TO PLAN! I did no studying whatsoever today, unless you call revising the latest GLAMOUR magazine studying!
I think I kinda knew when I woke up that it was just going to be 'one of those days', as I woke up and hour and a half later than I wanted. To be fair after breakfast I did begin some research... on which MAC mascara I was going to buy, which ended up being a full which mascara am I going to buy watching tutorials and reviews on youtube.
I had to go up town to get the bus to my mum's which ended up with me popping into Superdrug; as the mascara I did buy was on offer in there (Bourjois Clubbing mascara ultra black £5.99). A trip into work to sort out my holidays for the up and coming weekend (aka BIRTHDAY WEEKEND), because I saw on the rota the other day I wasn't booked for a holiday this weekend at all! So instead of it being the whole weekend off I now have just Sunday and I am now working Thursday too! Next I thought I'd pop into Boots because I've been wanting a new perfume for a while now (I usually wear Armani diamonds/Armani code/SJP Lovely), I ended up taking a fancy to Dolce and Gabbana 'The One' and Paco Robanne 'Lady Million'. I have decided to go for 'The One' as 'Lady Million' smells too much like the male version, which I love, I just don't want to be smelling like a guy. 'The One' is definitely my type of perfume, its light and delicately sweet with floral hints, and the Boots tester I have got shows that it definitely lasts for a long time, which is highly important.
Got to my mum's had dinner and a lovely time, but for some reason allowed myself to succumb to eating the apple and cinnamon yogurt (lunch) AND some sticky toffee pudding! I then had to leave early because I felt guilty and wanted to go on the treadmill, how dedicated? With this in mind I wanted to do at least 3 miles but after a persistent and painful stitch I had to stop after only 2.2 miles. I am so disappointed. Tomorrow I am going to go on the treadmill when I get up and then  go to Zumba tomorrow evening.  I wanted to go to spin yesterday, but it was all booked up. I was gutted I haven't been able to go for this exact reason for a few weeks now. For those who don't know it is excellent, it is the only exercise that I do that I fully feel as if I have done something and will help me to lose weight, I have had some of my highest losses when I do it that week, I highly recommend)
BLAH. So hopefully tomorrow I can stick to my plan and do everything I need to...

...as if that is going to happen.

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