Monday, 17 October 2011


 I had some time to kill on the way to Bournemouth, so I whipped out my iPod and connected it to the stereo. I never know what songs to pick, because I like so many, it can be hard. I love 'old' songs. I like new ones too, don't get me wrong, but artists such as Snowpatrol are my favourite as they have been around for years and have some amazing songs. Don't get me wrong I like mainstream songs as well, but I am fed up of the pop-py sound that you overwhelmed with, with the underlying tinny sound to coverup the auto tune that has been used. On Monday's I will blog about my favourite albums that I own, as I don't want a really long post with links and what not.  Also I my list may be never ending. Here goes the first post....
Muse- "Blackholes and Revelations"

I relish this album so much. This is 'Starlight' one of my favourite songs from the album, it's just fantastic. To me it is like 'dark' feel good song, if that makes any sense to any one other than myself?

I love that Twilight use muse for their songs, the baseball scene is on the right, it compliments the scene perfectly. This album is amazing, of course you get the odd dead beat song on every album, but this is still a winner for me. I have to say I was disappointed with their album "The Resistance" where I only liked a couple of the songs.
Album list:

  • Take a Bow
  • Starlight
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • Map of the Problematique
  • Soldier's Poem
  • Invincible
  • Assassin
  • Exo-Politics
  • City of Delusion
  • Hoodoo
  • Knights of Cydonia

  • The Killers- "Sam's Town"
    Absolutely brilliant band, I could never fault them, which is why it was hard to pick which album was my fave. It has to be "Sam's Town"  as it's absolutely fantastic. This song is 'Read my mind' and I can't think of any words to describe it, you will have to make your own decision after listening to it.
    Another song from the album, 'Bones', which is also another brilliant song. 

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