Wednesday, 19 October 2011

nobody said it was easy

I am trying to plan whats happening with friends for my bday, but its just so hard, I have no idea what to do, so as it looms even closer I need to sort it out tonight.
What can I do?
I have a mismatch of friends. I don't know what type of friends to invite, do I invite those that I say "hi" to when I walk passed them, as well as those that mean the most? It's such a hard decision! :(
Where do I go?
I don't know whether to go out for a meal, when what I really want is to pluck up the courage and ask my dad for a few friends to come round to go on just dance, have a take away and maybe a few drinks. As I can't go out to a night club with all of my friends as not all of them are 18/have ID to, it's all very complicate. If I do go out for a meal though, it will be to Nandos (yummmy), where I can have some periperi chips and gorgeous chocolate cakeeeeee......... (can you tell I used to be fat?)

Should I just ask my dad? ljgfhdfgjhdfkgheor

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