Sunday, 25 September 2011

you can light me up

Last night I went out in the freeeeezing cold, missing half of the xfactor, to go out and take photos over a bridge. My hands were horridly cold, but I still persisted through and tried to change the shutter speed on my camera in the dark. I can tell you now that's a bloody skill. The results with the slow shutter speed are totally worth it though!
I am studying lights, which is going to be my inspiration to making the shoes that I keep going on about. In my last project I made a kimono from the influence if Japanese culture. So I thought I'd tie this project in with it too, as the last unit is the presentation of our work. I found some awesome pictures on the net of lights and Japan, it came up with the busy streets of Tokyo and the lantern festivals, so this is where I came up with my inspiration for these pics. Tonight hopefully I should be doing some more with my fam and sparklers, so we will see how that one goes...
I haven't had the chance to edit them yet, so I thought I'd show you them so far:

Friday, 23 September 2011

Must Purchase

I'm honestly the last person to go for animal print clothing, shoes I am all for just clothes can look tacky, so when I saw these from forever21 I was immediately hooked and I don't know why.

I saw this dress as I was looking through either the RI preview or layout, just before it was released and I loooove it, its just so classy, but not in an 'old' way. The only thing to why I am so hesitant about purchasing it is that when I was trying to take it off (raising my arms above my head), I could see that the mirror behind me was getting a right peek at my bottom! I'm not short, maybe just above average, so others may get away with wearing it... But yeah, I'm going to leave it a couple of weeks of adoring it and then make up my mind.

Forever21 is really doing it for me at the minute. There are so many different bits and bobs for really low (but odd) prices.

I want these brogues from Newlook as they are quite cheap and I primarily want them to go with some cute ankle socks I got from h&m last week; I know I should buy higher quality if I want them to last unlike my Primark ones, but honestly with by big feet they'll just end up having the same life anyway.

This bag is so funky. From studying art I have really begun to appreciate the different styles that there has been, and  the pop art style of this bag is oh so me. 

I'm a bit obsessed with this colour at the moment, as it has a really 'galactic' feel to it, The way that the suede gives the moonlight hint to it is gorgey. I'm not too keen on wearing heels at the mo as you will already know, I'm not the shortest around, so I think that them being £75 is a bit of a steep purchase for a wistful buy; despite the 20% student discount @ topshop that my other fashion savvy friend tried to tempt me with. On the other hand it is my 18th soon, hmmm...

Eh, Eh, Eh

This is some of my photography for art and design- inspired by Aubery Beardsley

the most amazing thing you will find out this week...

Okay so just made the biggest and ultimate bargain buy of the year/of my life to date. I have just purchased a dress that was on Asos, by Mango, for £5. Yes you heard it right. £5. Originally £59.90 on Asos, not only this, I managed to get free delivery (super saver)!  Check it out for yourself here.
I think I am most definitely going to wear this on my bday night out. Sorry for the fact that I seem way too enthusiastic about this dress, but hey can you blame me?

Image 1 of Mango Drape Front Contrast Dress
Image 2 of Mango Drape Front Contrast Dress
I keep meaning to do an outfit post, but life is hectic as per usual, on the other hand I have the weekend off work sooo snap snap!

Monday, 19 September 2011



^ Its definition- highly unorganised/ forgetful. I.e explanation of how I am lately.
I've decided that I am going to have to write a list for every aspect of my life, nicely wasting valuable time actually composing the list, but should get me nicely trained. I lack that. I have so many freakishly organised friends (Monica Gellar style-y) you would think that I would be notoriously organised right now, but no, thats just not my style. 
So, rules of my list:
  1. One must not complete anything apart from what is written on the list; not even swooning over rpat in the Twilight saga.
  2. Everything on the list must be complete.
  3. Completion must hit the selected deadline.
  4. Distraction is not possible during the process of a task from the list. 
  5. After list is complete internet shopping, blogging, twilight sesh and sleep, may take place.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


First baby found
Let me tell you about the 'awkward' moment when my two male rabbits had babies...
Okay cast your mind back to the 29th of April 2011, Kate and William married, it is one of those days you will always remember. I knew it would be for me anyway, the dress, the kiss and just the whole day in general; but soon it wasn't just about the wedding. It became the day that I found out we no longer had two male rabbits, we had a male and a female-along with now LOTS of babies! I wasn't hating the fact that they were a boy and a girl (look how cute the babies turned out to be), it was just about two weeks later, we found more babies in the burrow again! It soon turned out that they had three litters with four in each litter, meaning our garden was getting rather crowded to say the least. Nature sadly took its course along with some of the babies and we also had to give the others away to prevent further breeding opportunities. Nevertheless we still have one left with the parents- Starsky can no longer impregnate Pippa either.
“Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.”

Please click send to confirm your future...

Okay. UCAS opened this week. HOW SCARY IS THAT?! I cannot believe that it has come around so quickly. Not only this but it is six weeks until I am 18, heeeeelllo where has the last five years of my life gone?
As you will guess from my last post I do not feel as if I am ready for the "big wide world" just yet (this will probably be a recurrent theme through out my blog), and it just seems to be getting even more surreal as each day passes.... Mainly I am scared that I my personal statement is going to be dull, boring and lifeless and the admissions officers will drift off after reading the first line! Or that my grades are not going to be adequate. Everything is beginning to hit me a bit like a car crash. Hopefully all goes a-okay, but knowing me that is not likely to happen in the slightest. Eg. yesterday Mr Luck decided that I was on his bad side meaning that I nearly fell out of the bath whilst showering cutting my finger with my razor, to which I then followed with a nice skirt rip-just as I was walking into school, to then lose several pieces of school/course work.
Today, after a quick reflection, has been the most pointless day I have ever lived through. Okay, slight exaggeration. But still, I can feel winter kicking in, which = no motivation x sit around doing nothing + drinking lots of cups of tea - online shopping! So ELF had 50% sale when you spend over £25 at the min, which I ever so kindly treated myself to. I feel that there was no need to purchase the blusher, as my cheeks are glowing a nice fluorescent pink, a lot like when my brother has been playing way too much xbox. NICE.
This morning I went to Northampton's museum and looked around at the shoe exhibit for my art and design course- there are so many weird and wacky shoes that have been created, which makes me all the more excited for making my own for the final piece! I just hate all of the boring lead up stuff that I'm doing now. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

No, I'm not featuring in Annie. I am going to a University Open Day, Kent (Canterbury campus,) which I am rather nervous/ excited about, as it is one step closer to life after A levels or what is known as being a 'grown up.'
I don't know if I'm quite there yet. And by there, I mean ready to fly the nest, I'm clearly out of the whole nappies and restless nights stage; although I can't fully say restless nights are no longer existent in my life, as they are. But anyway, I just don't feel old enough, I'm eighteen next month and the whole concept is surreal: excited yet bloody scared comes to mind!
I do think that the past two years have flown by, in comparison to that of my pre-sixteen years, which seemed to slowly crawl away- don't get me wrong there has been the odd stumble or two, but now I feel I am really beginning to find 'myself'.
I probably sound as if I am dribbling away, as a melodramatic teen, fighting against the stereotypes, which young people of today are often finding themselves falling into. I would say I'm your average plain Jane. Even then I am boxing myself into the stereotype ring. But why is Jane plain? What is plain about Jane? Who knows?..
I don't that's for sure. I have no clue about my future- apart from the fact that I am apprehensive about every decision I make. Why? I hate failure. Failure, isn't that what all teenagers want to to be, dreaming of ending up on benefits and a 'lush' pad to go with the trendy ankle tag, to boast about to your mates with? No. That comes nowhere near top on my "Things To Do When I'm Grown Up" list.
It's the same with all of my friends, whom all of which want to be doctors and therapists of some sort. They are the type that to outsiders seem to have been pre-weaned on to competitive future puree. Where as it would seem that I was weaned on to the world-known, parents favourite of: 'you can do what ever you want to, the future is yours' rusks. Rusks, yes, I told you I'm a plain Jane. Despite what ever we are weaned on to by our parents, it's ultimately always in most cases 'us' that make the decisions, always looking back making sure that our safety blanket of parental guidance will be there no matter what, making sure that we are always heading along the right path.
I have had too much of this as I was a child. Overindulged. Overindulged in "you can achieve anything," which as a young child does, takes to heart and imagines every career possible. It wasn't until I reached year 9 (fourteen years old,) that I realised that I wanted journalism to be a part of my future. It's been baby steps all the way, now I am going to unleash myself to the world, to a point where I will be resumed back to my infantry stages of being vulnerable once again. It is exciting to know that. As this time I will be able to grow and shape my own future; instead of being moulded in to the expectations of parental guidance books, I will set my own- which can be adapted at any moment to suit life as it my approach me.
Well, as long as my safety blanket is always behind me...


I'm sure many of you are aware of ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face for those that do not, I do not mean the mythical creatures that tend to live at the bottom of your garden) but any way, a while a go I made a purchase from there, I can safely say that I was more than happy! Well firstly everything is so cheap, most items are around £1.50, which is great if you don't have much to spend on cosmetics, but there are a few more pricier bits too.
I ordered several bits and bobs: nail polish; in 'mint cream' and 'dark red', zit zapper; mascara; 'lengthening and volumising mascara' and 'mineral infused mascara'; eye widener and an eyelash curler. I was trying to bump the whole lot up so I could get free shipping; however I can't remember if I actually managed to- although it is not unheard of for me to try my everything to get 'free shipping'... Anyway I was more than pleased when it turned up the following day (Saturday,) it all came well packaged in a small box; so there wasn't too much excess waste, which I hate.
When it all came I was eager to try it out.

  • Nail polish: well, I think its great for the price... but it does take a while to dry, especially when you do the second coat. Its a bit like it appears dry, its just when you make up in the morning, your nails can look like they have just taken part in a finger print investigation... The colours were great though and matched the colour swatch online.
  • Zit zapper: I thought that this was great, I got all of my friends to buy one too and they relish it!
  • Lengthening and volumising mascara: well, I am one of the most fussiest of people when it comes to mascara, so I can be very critical. I'm not going to lie, I didn't 'love' this product. The brush reminded me of the cheap mascara sets that I used to get when I was younger, but with the price, you cant really complain I suppose. It did come in handy though when my other mascaras ran out. Plus it does stay on all say like it says. 
  • Mineral infused mascara: my absolute favourite ELF product that I have ever purchased! It was amazing especially for the price (I know I keep harping on about the price, how can you argue about it though? BARGAIN) So yeah, it was great the brush exceeded my expectations, it filtered out my lashes perfectly and looked great when it had a couple of coats on; I like my lashes dramatic. It was so good I didn't even have to use the lash curler I bought.
  • Eye lash curler: well what can I say, I'm useless when it comes to these sorts of gadgets and ended up losing it as per usual! When I did use it though, it was good, it didn't pull on the lashes too much.
  • Eye widener: I have really sensitive eyes, so when it comes to things like eye liner, I know the ups and downs- this was pretty cheerful. I didn't notice that my eyes appeared 'wider,' but it did give them that extra 'pop'.
I would recommend ELF, it wouldn't hurt to try it anyway because it is so cheap.