Sunday, 25 September 2011

you can light me up

Last night I went out in the freeeeezing cold, missing half of the xfactor, to go out and take photos over a bridge. My hands were horridly cold, but I still persisted through and tried to change the shutter speed on my camera in the dark. I can tell you now that's a bloody skill. The results with the slow shutter speed are totally worth it though!
I am studying lights, which is going to be my inspiration to making the shoes that I keep going on about. In my last project I made a kimono from the influence if Japanese culture. So I thought I'd tie this project in with it too, as the last unit is the presentation of our work. I found some awesome pictures on the net of lights and Japan, it came up with the busy streets of Tokyo and the lantern festivals, so this is where I came up with my inspiration for these pics. Tonight hopefully I should be doing some more with my fam and sparklers, so we will see how that one goes...
I haven't had the chance to edit them yet, so I thought I'd show you them so far:

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