Monday, 19 September 2011



^ Its definition- highly unorganised/ forgetful. I.e explanation of how I am lately.
I've decided that I am going to have to write a list for every aspect of my life, nicely wasting valuable time actually composing the list, but should get me nicely trained. I lack that. I have so many freakishly organised friends (Monica Gellar style-y) you would think that I would be notoriously organised right now, but no, thats just not my style. 
So, rules of my list:
  1. One must not complete anything apart from what is written on the list; not even swooning over rpat in the Twilight saga.
  2. Everything on the list must be complete.
  3. Completion must hit the selected deadline.
  4. Distraction is not possible during the process of a task from the list. 
  5. After list is complete internet shopping, blogging, twilight sesh and sleep, may take place.

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