Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Ha! I know that 'YOLO' is a love/hate saying of justifying stupid and hasty decisions at the moment; however, not always. After my exams I planned to blog at least three times a week, paint and gert some extra hours at Riv. The first two weeks I was working non-stop and managed to draw just one picture, but ever since then baking has taken over my life. I have taken a cupcake decorating course for vintage decoration and have now set up my own business with my mum making cupcakes. So blogging has kind of taken a backseat.
I have to say I absolutely love it, so much so that it is making me want to defer my course at university for a year. I emailed Kent about two or three months ago now, asking if they would allow me to, before I knew anything about the cupcake business and they said that I would not have a place waiting for me - which sucks big time! Although I may phone up on results day and ask if they will change their mind. What should I do?????

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Shoe design

For my art and design project at school I decided I was going to make a shoe. Sadly due to time running out I could not make the entire shoe from scratch, instead I used a shoe as a base, then changed the design. The theme for my projects was lights; old Japanese lanterns through to modern day urban landscapes. Here are some pics from my final piece, please tell me what you think... I wish I did make the shoe completely from scratch, so please don't hate me for not.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Clinique Stay-Matte foundation

I have an oily t-zone and dry skin in other places on my face, I find it hard to find a foundation that balances this all out, so I was more than impressed when I tried this foundation out.
The substance is quite creamy and a little goes a long way. I first applied to the centre of my face, then blended out, before I had even began blending and applying more I knew that it was going to be a very good foundation as I have quite visible pores on my nose and it hid them straight away. It doesn't dry 'cakey' and even towards the end of the day you cannot see the oily skin like other foundations that I have used. I would most definitely recommend this foundation, even though it is a little pricey, it is definitely worth the money.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Roses or revision

I chose roses! Yet again I painted over my primark nails! I love changing my nails constantly so I thought I'd go for some cute roses. Basically I just do a small blob in the light pink colour, then take a Kirby grip and use one of the tips to draw on the dark pink to make the petals stand out. Then use the other end to draw on the leaves in a mint green. Hope you like them!
Lila xo.

'Lace' foils

I did this a while ago, but I thought I would write a quick lil post now. I bought these nail foils from eBay the same time I purchase my moustache transfers, but from a different seller and they took about 3 weeks to turn up! I completely forgot that I had bought them until they turned up. When they did I was rather disheartened because they had a hollographic shine to them, where in the image before I bought them they were not like that. They were horrific and fiddly to put on, and that saying something because I do fiddly designs on my nails all of the time! Once they were on they felt as if they were going to catch on something and basically felt horrible on my nails, it made me want to cringe, almost like soggy cardboard. The foils only lasted around two hours because I was so annoyed with them, then when I took them off they left a horrible sticky residue on my nails that wouldn't budge. I'm not sure if I would use them again. I might invest in some other foils and then apply them to false nails as then it might not feel as bad, but I think I will have to see them in the flesh before I purchase next time!
Lila xo.

Quickie mani

Bought some French manicure acrylics from primark, only £1! They have been on for about a week and no falling offs as of yet! Got bored after a while so have now painted the peachy bit lilac... I have used primark falsies before (navy with white polka dot) they were really good and super cute; however haven't seen them in about 3 months, which is a shame. I think that if people have a problem with the glue it's because you're not putting enough on, I normally put loads on the nail and have no problem with them falling off!
Lila xo.
The lilac nail varnish is Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Ice Cream

Sunday, 22 April 2012


hey guys just to let you know on the 26th April 2012 River Island are doing 20% student discount. There is no maximum to how much you can spend, it just has to be on full priced products! So get yourself down to your local River Island this Thursday to grab yourself some amazing bargains! Remember this is a rare River Island opportunity, so don't miss out!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hope everything is okay with you all, I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself as I have a really bad cold. Not only is it making me feel rather horrific, but it is eating up my revision timetable too, my exams start in 4 weeks (insert major freak out here.)
That means in about 8 weeks school is all over and it I will be starting the next chapter in my life at Kent, providing I obtain the grades of course. And to do so, daddio has told me to consider how often I go out around my exam period, or as it was really intended, YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT. Next Saturday is my friend's bday and also my last chance to go out apart from things with family (a wedding and going to see Coldplay, the same weekend WOOHOO), which I am pretty gutted about to say the least. But to be honest I am happy not to go out as  I do want to revise and do very well in these exams, even though I will have good times when I do go out, like a hangover it will soon pass and be forgotten, unlike my exam results which will linger over me in regret if I do not live up to my own expectations. I also know that to others that  my dad may seem like a bit of a slave driver at the minute, and sometimes I do too, but I do thank him for it because I know that he only wants the best for me. And my dad is one of the main people I am afraid of letting down.
As well as giving up my social life I have had to be rather distant from here lately, which I have been saying from around Christmas I know, but I honestly can't help the work load that I currently have and where my priorities lie. So until my exams are over, you are more likely to catch snippets from me from my brand new twitter, so if ya wanna give me a follow and I will follow you back!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

uhoh moustache time!

I bought some moustache transfers from eBay last week, as soon as I saw them I knew I had to buy them! So last night whilst having nothing remotely 'interesting' to do, I thought I would try them out.  Firstly I wanted a pale pink nail, however had none at all so I mixed a white and a darker fuchsia together,  then after that I cut out each of the transfers. They come on a card type transfer, a bit like the tattoos that you used to get when you were younger and transferred over in the same way using water. Although this didn't secure them to the nail, you have to make sure you use an ample amount of coats in clear nail varnish (TRUST ME), this bit was quite fiddly, but I think it was totally worth it! What do you all think?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

quick 15

  1. I am eighteen years old and still do not feel it.
  2. I cry at everything. 
  3. I like reading things that I know will irritate me and I do so to question why they have been written in that way.
  4. I am currently studying English language, English literature, Psychology and Art and design.
  5. I live in England.
  6. I want to go to university to study journalism.
  7. I would like to visit another country for more than four weeks, preferably Italy.
  8. I love New Girl, House, How I met your mother, The big bang theory etc.
  9. I have a weird taste in guys, I don't have a 'type'.
  10. I love what Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung wears.
  11. If I didn't become a journalist, I would become a photographer.
  12. I love to read, but have very little time to do so.
  13. Motivation is slipping away from me ever so quickly.
  14. My bedroom becomes very untidy.
  15. I think that life should come with an instruction manual. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Well my weekend was a blast, I had an allergic reaction on Saturday night and have now been forced in to taking a course of steroids.
I have no idea on how to start or end the whole allergy sitch, but all I can say is lately I have just become so forgetful about my allergy that it seems to be occurring quite a lot; however I can say that cashew nuts seem to be sneaking their way in to ravioli and Christmas pudding!
I was adamant that I was not going to take my epi pen because I have never taken it due to the fact it makes the whole situation seem a whole lot more serious than it actually is. Although I can safely say my mother, doctors and nurses say something quite the opposite. So instead of taking my epi pen I thought that I would take a double dose of anti histamines which didn't quite budge it, which resulted in me taking a trip to A&E. I have to say I was so calm, which is so unlike me because I am normally hysterical about almost everything, so to say I found it slightly amusing whilst terrifying  is not far off.
After being pumped full with drugs I was safe to go home, with the DREADED STEROIDS and anti histamines that I had to take for several days after. I know that steroids make you put on weight, but when I hopped on the scales today I wanted to cry, I felt dreadful. I have a party this coming Saturday and I honestly feel like I am going to be a fat lump. It's not like I have put on a stone, no, but I have been so good diet wise this week and to even have a gain is mortifying. Today is my last day on the roids, so hopefully any gained weight will kindly remove itself before the party. I know I should be thankful to still be alive and I truly am, but I have been losing weight for a while now and when I actually want to look good, I feel like I am going to look rather... well, ouhbjfdv.
Have a nice week!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Catch up baby

Hi everyone, 
How quick has this year flown by already? It's crazy! 
I thought after the January exams I would have plenty of time to lounge about, but I have had practise exam papers coming from all angles, I swear we have only just started the modules?! I am completely loving English Language at the moment as I have been getting decent grades and I can apply the correct theorists so all is good in that area, its just every where else that is driving me gaga. Psychology, well the essays are just so monotonous and are making me ever so bored, even though I love the subject. Literature, I have so much to read and do no know where to start. And Art, seriously do not get me started. 
Apart from the chaos at school, life is treating me well for once, if you discount the fact that mumma has been ill. Plenty of socialising and watching house, all ingredients to make me happy. I have been so happy that a teacher asked me if I am with someone, which I sadly am not. I have a few birthday parties coming up with relatively no money, which is dreadful, as I need outfits to wear and money to go out. 
Another thing that has made me smile, is that ages ago (cannot remember when, but it was before christmas) I was stressing because I needed to enter a writing competition, because I needed to show off my writing skills and what have you and I found one that I thought I would enter. I left it until that night and I was stressing out so much, I just thought what am I doing? (As what do I know about the question "Who should be responsible for teaching you about personal finance?" as personal finance+me=£0) Anyway to cut a long story short, I entered the article half an hour before the deadline. Then on Friday I received a letter in the post, congratulating me on the fact that I had made the final shortlist, but unfortunately did not win and would receive a £25 book token for myself and a £50 book token for my school. I was quite pleased with myself and kinda wished that I hadn't procrastinated so much before hand as I could have written a really good article (oh the beauty of hindsight), any way I did learn one thing; do not leave everything to the last minute! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

did somebody order a doctor?

Exams are over, horrah! So in my little break that I have had since the worst period ever, I have found a new love and addiction : House (also Temple Run).
I was first introduced to House thanks to the 12 days of christmas courtesy of iTunes, where the pilot episode of House was available to download for freee!
I was hooked and slightly grossed out, overall, I loved it. Yes the plot follows the same baseline every week: person falls ill, they try and solve it, patient nearly dies, they solve it. It's basic, but brilliant! It's so gripping that since last Thursday I have managed to indulge in the whole of season one, boy I love not having exams! I think that addiction is also being magnified by my strange, but huge crush on Hugh Laurie. I have no idea why, or what draws me to him,  he is older than my parents, he is just so fabulous at playing Gregory House.
I know that House has been round for ages, I had never watched it, I had briefly heard of it and thought eugh that sounds awful. Why did I do this to myself and lose out? So if you haven't seen it yet, get on it stat!

you are barking up the wrong tree...

I have been single for about eight/nine months now, it's different yes, but I can also do what I want and what make me happy. After a messy(ish) breakup, my ex and I (mainly myself) decided to remove all contact, as it would just end up in us reuniting or arguing, which I did not want or need. I will admit there have been odd moments where we have had full conversations, but also months with no contact.
However the day after boxing day I received a message from them asking me whether or not if I had pushed into his new flame whilst out in a nightclub and asking her where he was. I had to kindly remind him that sort of play is not my style and if he remembers I am an absolute mouse when it comes to confrontation. So he said he believed me to my relief, or so I thought. On the return to school I had some of my friends, who were also friends with her ask me about the event and I was absolutely gobsmacked that she was telling everyone that I would do a thing like that! I have never spoken to the girl at all apart from when I have served her at work. I quickly put out my story to refrain from any bad press on my behalf.
The following week, I was casually eating lunch with my friends, when she sat on the same table as me with her friends, where my friend pointed out that she had rolled her eyes at disappointment of sitting on the same table at me. The whole lunch experience was unbelievably awkward, just because I know that she hates me, for no reason whatsoever. The plot thickens. My friends and I decided to depart this icy atmosphere, only for me to be called after by the new girlfriend and her friends with barks. Yes, they were literally barking at me. I gave no response as I was unsure whether it was directly at me, but after much thought, there was no one else that it could be directed towards other than myself.
If he had cheated on her with me then fair enough, bark all you want, but all I simply did was be his first serious girlfriend in a relationship that lasted a little over a year. I am sad the relationship ended to an extent; however at that moment  due to a lot of issues I couldn't make the relationship work or feel as if I could make him truly happy. He said that I did and that we were fine and perhaps yes, in hindsight, if we had worked harder at the relationship we would still be together now. But I am happy that we did split. I have achieved so much by finding myself again. I have lost around 2 1/2 stone, I have offers from university, some issues have resolved and I have refound my friends once again.
I hope he is happy too, that is why I am glad that they are together, as if she can make him smile in ways that I didn't feel that I could anymore then thank you is all I have to say. So please do not get the wrong idea and do stop barking at me.

Friday, 6 January 2012

This is my first post in a while, which makes me sad, because I love blogging. However it is exam season, so I have lots school work to be concentrating on!
Catch up:
 I have been given 3 conditional offers for Bournemouth, Kent and Leeds Trinity and I am waiting to hear back from Sheffield and Nottingham Trent (I had an exam, but still haven't had a reply as of yet.)
My exams start next week and I am so scared. I am understanding Duffy (The World's Wife) but when it comes to doing past papers I begin to get flustered, even though I know what I want to say. Perhaps it's my fault for wanting to do an entire Literature A level in one year. Oh well!
I have been going out  with friends having a lovely time and I am glad I have been to be honest, as this time last year I was in a relationship and I became rather distant with them, oh the beauty of hindsight!
I watched Letters To Juliet the other day and it has strengthened my love for Italy. I have only ever been once and I have always said that I want to go back, but it's just the actual going part that is going to be hard.

I haven't made any formal resolutions, well those that I have told, but in 2012 I'd like to:

  • Leave 6th form with 3 A's (I take four subjects)
  • Lose another stone
  • Be more spontaneous 
  • Make wiser decisions
  • Pick a university 
  • Live life.
This is about all that I have time for, but hear are some of my snaps that I have taken for my photography unit: