Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hope everything is okay with you all, I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself as I have a really bad cold. Not only is it making me feel rather horrific, but it is eating up my revision timetable too, my exams start in 4 weeks (insert major freak out here.)
That means in about 8 weeks school is all over and it I will be starting the next chapter in my life at Kent, providing I obtain the grades of course. And to do so, daddio has told me to consider how often I go out around my exam period, or as it was really intended, YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT. Next Saturday is my friend's bday and also my last chance to go out apart from things with family (a wedding and going to see Coldplay, the same weekend WOOHOO), which I am pretty gutted about to say the least. But to be honest I am happy not to go out as  I do want to revise and do very well in these exams, even though I will have good times when I do go out, like a hangover it will soon pass and be forgotten, unlike my exam results which will linger over me in regret if I do not live up to my own expectations. I also know that to others that  my dad may seem like a bit of a slave driver at the minute, and sometimes I do too, but I do thank him for it because I know that he only wants the best for me. And my dad is one of the main people I am afraid of letting down.
As well as giving up my social life I have had to be rather distant from here lately, which I have been saying from around Christmas I know, but I honestly can't help the work load that I currently have and where my priorities lie. So until my exams are over, you are more likely to catch snippets from me from my brand new twitter, so if ya wanna give me a follow and I will follow you back!



  1. Ahh story of my life. Barely have started revision, and goign out again this weekend! Good luck with your exams! In love with post, have a giveaway going on if you're interested, hope you visit back :--)
    Izzy xo

  2. This time of year gets so stressful doesn't it! Which uni are you hoping to go to? I'm at the University of Kent in Canterbury and loving it!! xx