Friday, 21 October 2011

its just another ombre

experimenting with ombre

When I used to blog on Tumblr, I posted about my experimentation with ombre hair. I think because I had dyed my hair previously the bleach made my hair too ginger and basically killed the ends of my hair, because it was way too strong/I left it on too long, who knows. But anyway, I loved the ombre look and  I know it may have dyed its death (do you see what I did there?), it is pretty 'edgy'.
I  first became obsessed with the dip dye look when I stumbled across this image on google. You could say it was love at first sight.You have to admit that the pink and blue is fabulous? I have dark hair so I knew it wasn't going to get the strong a colour, but it did allow me to begin researching the whole ombre trend, which is where I first came across LLYMLRS. So after extensive research and religiously watching LLYMLRS famous vid demo, I tried and somewhat failed. 
This was one of my first posts about ombre:
"I can safely say that I am absolutely besotted with obre style hair. I have researched it so much now and found so many people doing a DIY job. Why not? It's so much cheaper, plus if it goes wrong you can always dye it again and you haven’t wasted too much money. So when I get some pennies together I may give it a go- hey, I may even share my experience on here.
Ombre, yes please!"
LC tweeted this pic
Hey, I gave it a go, it didn't work out to my expectations, but other people have done it and it rocked, so I'm not going to knock the ombre trend. It has to be something if LC (Lauren Conrad) is tweeting about it, right? I think it looks better in blonde hair if you are to add colour, which I wish I could .
I don't have ombre hair at the moment, but you never know what the future may bring...


  1. I wanted to try this out but I've since dyed my hair blackest of blacks and so I don't think it would work too well now! Yours looks lovely - it's subtle & a little bit Ms Chung :) xx

  2. Hey there Lila! :D
    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog! ^-^ and just read your post on ombre hair, it really is gorgeous, especially against blonde hair! Shame I don't have such light hair colour (>_>) would be too much to bleach my whole head for blonde! Plus, don't think I'd look too good as a blonde anyway hahaha. it's great you gave it a try! :D hopefully you'll give it another attempt in the future! Even though yours right now looks pretty already :)
    Love, from Julie xox

  3. Wish I could pull of the ombre look, unfortunately it just doesnt suit me though. looks great on others tho :)

  4. thank you for the follow lovely :)
    i love ombre hair, but mine fades REALLY fast so i think im killing my hair, oops!
    your blog is lovely, definately followed xo

  5. Thanks guys! I had the same problem too, my hair just felt (and looked) awful because of the bleach, which is a shame because I love the ombre look
    Lila xo.

  6. what product did you use?!! I really really really wanna ombre my hair but I dont know what to use and I dont wanna kill my luscious locks! :')

  7. I used "L'Oreal Perfect Blonde Creme Highlight Kit", the conditioner it comes with is quite bizarre it lathers up loads! My hair was pretty dry afterwards, but I don't know if it was because it needed a good cut due to heat damage! Good luck! :)
    Lila xo.