Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween randomer

On Thursday I had a nosy around town before I started work and there was a few things that impressed me. Firstly throughout my early teens New Look was my best friend, then as I got older I was put off of it, and it just seemed... 'same same,' I still liked it don't get me wrong, there was just nothing nice. But that wasn't the case when I went in the other day, I was really impressed by the amount of gorgey bits I found in there and I have to say a lot of dollar is going to be spent in there when I get it! Then I popped into Boots where I thought I'd look at hair products, where I found Lee Stafford have a range of Moroccan oil products, which I thought could be interesting to try. They had lots of pieces with the Moroccan oil in it (I have wanted to use the branded Moroccan Oil, but I find it is rather expensive), so I thought that I might give this one a go, as it isn't as pricey. There is one thing though that I'm a bit 'hmm' about and that is for a Lee Stafford product it was steep (ie. the shampoo was close to £11), which surprised me as  Lee Stafford to me was a middle price/cheap hair product. If anyone has checked it out, give us a comment, I'd love to know your thoughts about it!
I'm in a bit of a rubbish mood to start the day, I don't know why, which is surprising as I have so much to look forward to as it is the big 'birthday weekend'.
Last night I went to Nandos with some friends, which was yummmmy. I love Nandos, and when I started my diet I said to myself that for my birthday I would go to Nandos and have what ever, not worrying-which I did. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get the chocolate cake that I had been wanting for ages, but all is well, my lovely friends got me a birthday cake (CRINGE. I hate it when people sing happy birthday I never know where to look, I feel so awkward and start blushing! The ladies at Slimming world sang it to me on Thursday too!)
Tonight my friend is having a halloween 'gathering', which I am looking forward to; however I feel as if I have the most pathetic costume going on ever as I am going as a cat, I feel so stupid. I have looked every where for makeup tutorials and the ones that I have seen, I'm not that keen on. It should be good though, I think I am meant to bring drink and food along, but have no idea what to bring, so if anyone has any ideas please comment on here and I shall read them after I finish work and hopefully be able to bring something along.

Have a lovely (and not too spooky) weekend!

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