Tuesday, 4 October 2011

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

I can say that this is true for the new iPhone launch, as the disappointing slight upgrade from the iPhone 4 was released this evening. 
My much mentioned 18th birthday is ever looming closer;  however the building anticipation was soon dampened when the iPhone 5 launch was not to be, but instead the iPhone 4s.
I was rather excited and overwhelmed with confusion on whether or not to wait, and  before today should I purchase the 4 or the 5. Today, proved otherwise. Apple decided that it would make my decision for me by only releasing the iPhone 4s. As there are not too many improvements, although Apple are boasting over the 200 more new features; the dual core a5 chip will not have a real advantage to me as I am not an avid gamer. Although the 8mega pixel would be the only upgrade that I would be slightly tempted with.
On the contrary it does mean that I shall be purchasing the Cath Kidston bird phone case for my soon to be iPhone 4!

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