Friday, 21 October 2011

bake me a cake.

Other than writing, I used to have two main hobbies that I pursued (when I used to have what is known as 'free time'), these were painting and baking. But because of my now hectic lifestyle because of it being my final year at school and the steady increase of deadlines these have both come to a halt.
This week I have been on half term, I also am next week too, so hopefully I hope to do either baking or painting at some point. Painting is pretty inevitable because I have to complete my art and design unit for going back to school, so I would like to give the baking thing a try.
I have no idea what I want to bake, so if anybody has any suggestions it would be great. I think also a part of the reason for me not baking as much as I used to, is because I am on a diet. Boo. Although it will be worth it in the end, hopefully.

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