Tuesday, 11 October 2011

cotton eyed joe

I was in such a mood today, because I had lost my pendrive, I was endlessly searching around school looking for it, so I decided to put a notice on the screen instead. It got to the end of the day, with still no miraculous arrival, until on the way out of school the receptionist called me over and gave to me! YAY. So so so lucky, I do not have to re-do my percy statement now/ all of my coursework. And my friend text me to say that she has booked our seats for breaking dawn part 1, midnight showing <3
Tomorrow on an even lighter note, I am going to a spa, which is going to be absolute bliss. Especially as it is a pre-18th present from padre y madrastra . I will try and make you incredibly jel of my gorgey day. 

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