Thursday, 13 October 2011

Good things come in fours...

Well I've only gone and done it. UCAS has now been sent. Grown up? Why, no I am feeling more child like than ever. The whole process has made me feel quite ill. I couldn't concentrate at school today I was checking UCAS over and over again to make sure I did not have a 'fraudulent' entry.
Ragdale Hall yesterday was lush though. I needed a day where I could do nothing. Not even think. Just sit, read, eat and sleep (with the odd sauna, steam room and other luxury treatment here and there). GORGE. I got a manicure, where I chose a black/dusky blue/silver colour, which is basically different colour glitter in a nail varnish, I love it! Plus I don't have really fragile 'long' nails. I say 'long' but they weren't long at all, I grew them especially for yesterday.
Regarding my diet, this week has been a thumbs down, I have literally done no exercise apart from a 3.2 mile run the other day and ate junk food. It's my weigh in later, so I'll let you know if it's reflected in my weight. I want to lose about 7lbs before my bday, I have 18 days. It's not looking good.
Also I was speaking to my friend today about what to do for my bday, we came to the decision about asking if I can have a few friends round for drinks. It sounds good, but I am unbelievably scared to ask my Dad if it's okay! So I am not sure what to do. I was thinking about 8 friends and chilling in my garden,  love the idea too, because I am not too keen about having people stroll throughout my house. So I was thinking about asking people I trust to come. Also 8 isn't that many either, it saves inviting loads of people to a meal that I am 'not too sure' to invite.

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