Monday, 24 October 2011

Searching for time and space

This may seem really nerdy, I don't know, but for those that have read my past posts will know that I absolutely adore space/star photographs. I think they're amazing. People will also know that for my birthday I am getting the new iPhone. Why wont this combo mix?! I have searched hi and low through Google and cannot find anywhere a space themed case!
I am getting a Cath Kidston case which I think is adorable, the pastel colours look great against the navy background. Also it's a new twist of design by Cath Kidston (whom I absolutely adore beyond belief),which I am loving the print! They have a laptop case also in the same print and a bag, but I already have a matching Cath Kidston bag and laptop case.
Any way, I don't want to have just the one case.
So was thinking of making my own case, but I have no idea where I would start to make the space themed image, I thought perhaps I could do it in the same process that the space/galaxy nails are done; however I wouldn't know what materials I would use to paint the design on.
The search began - again. I stumbled across an article on the Daily Mail which was giving a review with money off of "". I gave the website a browse and I gave it a go.

I picked this image that I found off of Google to try it out and I really like it. I would have liked it even more if I could put a little glitter for the stars, as that could be quite cute, but that isn't an option (boo.) It is the same price as the Cath Kidston case and to be honest I don't want to be spending nearly £50 on just two cases. I think the website is great especially if you want to full customise it by adding personal family/friend photos. You can also upload from their library also.
If anybody knows how I can achieve a space/galaxy/star themed case then please let me know. As I have spent (wasted) so much time and so far have found nothing.

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  1. I love space pictures too :)

    I have this app on my phone where you can point your phone at the sky and it will show which stars you are in line with, it is really sad but so cool! Then you can look at the different pictures of the stars and things :)

    Shame you couldn't find a case you wanted, I will keep my eyes peeled :)

    Jazz xo