Friday, 21 October 2011

it's all apple and cinnamon

Yesterday I popped to Morrisons with my mum so we could get some greek yogurt to use for dinner. We got the greek yoghurt, but also did the usual when shopping: buy things that were no where near being on the list. 
Anyhow, I bought some really delicious apple and cinnamon products. 

Firstly I spotted "Twekkelo Farmhouse Apple & Cinnamon Yogurt" This was yuuuuuuummy! I thought I would have my 'treat' day yesterday, although it's been pretty much treat week. The yogurt is very creamy, not tart, and the apple and cinnamon compot is gorge! It has raisins in it too, which makes the yogurt taste very Autumn/Wintery and reminds me of mince pies! My mum and I demolished the tub without the slightest bit of guilt of it 'destroying our diet'; it wouldn't have done too much damage anyway because it isn't that bad nutritionally. You have to try it!

Next on our trip we were going to purchase some of the tea my mum had been buying lately, as I wanted some for my dad's; however they were completely sold out of Twinings "Orange, Lotus Flower and Green Tea". So my mum suggests that I buy Twinings "Cranberry and Green Tea"; which I am glad I didn't because it when I got back to hers I tried some that she'd bought in and I didn't like it. More to the point, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Lipton's "Warming Apple and Cinnamon" tea, which I must say is lush!  It is very fragrant and leaves the room smelling lovely, well that's if you like apple and cinnamon. The taste isn't too flowery or overpowering, it is truly scrumptious! When I have made mine I have left the tea bag in, as the tea bag has one of those strings on and I think it tastes better that way.
My mum bought Twinings "Green Tea with Pineapple and Grapefruit", which smells AMAZING. I don't know how I am keen on the taste but it does smell good.

All images were found on google images after typing in the branded name.

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