Monday, 10 October 2011


Today at around 14.50 pm my life fell apart. At 14.50 pm I noticed the key to my life as I know it had disappeared. I lost my pen drive. Big deal I hear you cry. It is when it is the only place where all of my coursework has been stored. Not only coursework; revision notes, personal statement (which I re wrote just before I lost it) and pieces for my portfolio etc. I want to cry so badly. As I already mentioned I have a million deadlines for the end of this week, so now that I have lost it all I am back to square one. I spent the afternoon wandering round on a mad frenzy retracing my steps and checking everywhere, but still no where to be seen. This must be some really bad karma, for some unknown thing. 

On an awkward 'plus', today my friend told me she is having a halloween party and were all to bring bits, I have found some amazing recipes especially for cocktails that I am rather keen on trying. Also I have found a costumes to wear too.

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