Sunday, 9 October 2011

If you could see me now

The last week of term starts tomorrow, it's scary how quickly its all gone! So now I have to prepare all of my first drafts for the end of this week and finalise my much dreaded UCAS. I have left my pen drive at my friend's house when I went there on Friday, so hopefully I am going to go pick it up soon so I can get bits done today, as I have had the weekend off of work and I have nothing at all. YAY LAZY.
If you haven't already, I think that you must purchase Ed Sheeran's album "+", its gorgey to listen to! Its one of those albums that will always cheer you up, the other night I was having trouble sleeping and it got me to sleep no problem. 
Going to Bournemouth uni next saturday, which I am rather excited about visiting their journalism programme.  I have to admit, its quite a trek away so were leaving at around 5/6 am, sleep deprivation, love ya! 
I have been losing weight recently, so far I have lost 29lbs, wooooo! 2 years ago I began to lose weight, but then gradually put it all back on and more when I met my ex. So now, since the split, I am 'reinventing' myself so to speak. I am doing the things that I want to, not what any one else thinks that I should do. I want to look good again, because personally being a size 16/18, was not a good look - I can now get excited about fitting in size 12! I am so happy now, everyone around me keeps mentioning how good I look and I am proud, so a big thanks to Slimming World and the group leader! I still want to lose around 24lbs, so hopefully I will be a size 10, pushing an 8, the thought of that is so exciting. It is going to take a long time, but it will be worth it. This is also why I keep changing my mind about what I want to wear for my bday (slight revenge outfit) but I have literally found the most gorgey playsuit that is in River Island. Its £60, but with discount I think I can justify it. It's not currently in the store I work in, but online they only have a size 18 in, which is no use to me now ;)

p.s for all those that have been reading my blog, the family member's chemotherapy starts this week too. 

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