Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I love a good set of brows, especially thick defined ones, which mine are not lately due to ... I wouldn't say over plucking, it's more hmm... getting a bit tweezer happy and not having the patience to spend on doing them to how I actually like them.
The gorgeous Kim K has my favourite eyebrows. I want my like this, but that would mean me going through the awkward stage of stray hairs everywhere for a while, I can see quite a few at the min, so I think I might leave them for a bit then get them waxed and dyed somewhere. I fancy getting HD ones done, but they're like £30 odd and considering the fact they grow through again ever so quickly, I don't think I could quite justify it


  1. I know how you feel! I see a hair and I pluck it and then I realise it was actually vital to the shape of my eyebrow...I'm currently growing them for a trip to the salon but I hate the little straggly bits :(


  2. Eyebrows do look better a bit thicker I think, I hate really thin eyebrows, Kims are amazing! x

  3. Ahhh I'd love brows like this but mine are quite thin and I always run the risk of looking like a drag queen if I over-pencil them :( xx

  4. I think I am just going to have to get rid of a few that a really bugging me at the min as this week I have quite a few parties coming up!
    I pencil them too sometimes, but like you said I hate the thought of it looking really unnatural and drag queen-esque
    Lila xo.

  5. I loved defined brows aswell, they make such a big diff to your face. I was soo fed up with mine last year, went to a Benefit Brow Bar and they sorted me out. They're still a bit sparse in certain parts but I've been using the Benefit Browzings and the HD Brow Palette that came in Septembers Glossybox to help with that.