Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Ha! I know that 'YOLO' is a love/hate saying of justifying stupid and hasty decisions at the moment; however, not always. After my exams I planned to blog at least three times a week, paint and gert some extra hours at Riv. The first two weeks I was working non-stop and managed to draw just one picture, but ever since then baking has taken over my life. I have taken a cupcake decorating course for vintage decoration and have now set up my own business with my mum making cupcakes. So blogging has kind of taken a backseat.
I have to say I absolutely love it, so much so that it is making me want to defer my course at university for a year. I emailed Kent about two or three months ago now, asking if they would allow me to, before I knew anything about the cupcake business and they said that I would not have a place waiting for me - which sucks big time! Although I may phone up on results day and ask if they will change their mind. What should I do?????


  1. They look too good to eat! xo

  2. They look amazing! I hope everything goes smoothly for you whatever you decide! x