Thursday, 23 February 2012

quick 15

  1. I am eighteen years old and still do not feel it.
  2. I cry at everything. 
  3. I like reading things that I know will irritate me and I do so to question why they have been written in that way.
  4. I am currently studying English language, English literature, Psychology and Art and design.
  5. I live in England.
  6. I want to go to university to study journalism.
  7. I would like to visit another country for more than four weeks, preferably Italy.
  8. I love New Girl, House, How I met your mother, The big bang theory etc.
  9. I have a weird taste in guys, I don't have a 'type'.
  10. I love what Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung wears.
  11. If I didn't become a journalist, I would become a photographer.
  12. I love to read, but have very little time to do so.
  13. Motivation is slipping away from me ever so quickly.
  14. My bedroom becomes very untidy.
  15. I think that life should come with an instruction manual. 

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