Monday, 13 February 2012

Catch up baby

Hi everyone, 
How quick has this year flown by already? It's crazy! 
I thought after the January exams I would have plenty of time to lounge about, but I have had practise exam papers coming from all angles, I swear we have only just started the modules?! I am completely loving English Language at the moment as I have been getting decent grades and I can apply the correct theorists so all is good in that area, its just every where else that is driving me gaga. Psychology, well the essays are just so monotonous and are making me ever so bored, even though I love the subject. Literature, I have so much to read and do no know where to start. And Art, seriously do not get me started. 
Apart from the chaos at school, life is treating me well for once, if you discount the fact that mumma has been ill. Plenty of socialising and watching house, all ingredients to make me happy. I have been so happy that a teacher asked me if I am with someone, which I sadly am not. I have a few birthday parties coming up with relatively no money, which is dreadful, as I need outfits to wear and money to go out. 
Another thing that has made me smile, is that ages ago (cannot remember when, but it was before christmas) I was stressing because I needed to enter a writing competition, because I needed to show off my writing skills and what have you and I found one that I thought I would enter. I left it until that night and I was stressing out so much, I just thought what am I doing? (As what do I know about the question "Who should be responsible for teaching you about personal finance?" as personal finance+me=£0) Anyway to cut a long story short, I entered the article half an hour before the deadline. Then on Friday I received a letter in the post, congratulating me on the fact that I had made the final shortlist, but unfortunately did not win and would receive a £25 book token for myself and a £50 book token for my school. I was quite pleased with myself and kinda wished that I hadn't procrastinated so much before hand as I could have written a really good article (oh the beauty of hindsight), any way I did learn one thing; do not leave everything to the last minute! 

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