Tuesday, 24 January 2012

did somebody order a doctor?

Exams are over, horrah! So in my little break that I have had since the worst period ever, I have found a new love and addiction : House (also Temple Run).
I was first introduced to House thanks to the 12 days of christmas courtesy of iTunes, where the pilot episode of House was available to download for freee!
I was hooked and slightly grossed out, overall, I loved it. Yes the plot follows the same baseline every week: person falls ill, they try and solve it, patient nearly dies, they solve it. It's basic, but brilliant! It's so gripping that since last Thursday I have managed to indulge in the whole of season one, boy I love not having exams! I think that addiction is also being magnified by my strange, but huge crush on Hugh Laurie. I have no idea why, or what draws me to him,  he is older than my parents, he is just so fabulous at playing Gregory House.
I know that House has been round for ages, I had never watched it, I had briefly heard of it and thought eugh that sounds awful. Why did I do this to myself and lose out? So if you haven't seen it yet, get on it stat!

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  1. I used to watch it too and I find the tv series absolutely great! it makes you feel a little anxious sometimes, as they always end up having terrible disease, but it's nice as Gregory House always brilliantly find the solution!