Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Well my weekend was a blast, I had an allergic reaction on Saturday night and have now been forced in to taking a course of steroids.
I have no idea on how to start or end the whole allergy sitch, but all I can say is lately I have just become so forgetful about my allergy that it seems to be occurring quite a lot; however I can say that cashew nuts seem to be sneaking their way in to ravioli and Christmas pudding!
I was adamant that I was not going to take my epi pen because I have never taken it due to the fact it makes the whole situation seem a whole lot more serious than it actually is. Although I can safely say my mother, doctors and nurses say something quite the opposite. So instead of taking my epi pen I thought that I would take a double dose of anti histamines which didn't quite budge it, which resulted in me taking a trip to A&E. I have to say I was so calm, which is so unlike me because I am normally hysterical about almost everything, so to say I found it slightly amusing whilst terrifying  is not far off.
After being pumped full with drugs I was safe to go home, with the DREADED STEROIDS and anti histamines that I had to take for several days after. I know that steroids make you put on weight, but when I hopped on the scales today I wanted to cry, I felt dreadful. I have a party this coming Saturday and I honestly feel like I am going to be a fat lump. It's not like I have put on a stone, no, but I have been so good diet wise this week and to even have a gain is mortifying. Today is my last day on the roids, so hopefully any gained weight will kindly remove itself before the party. I know I should be thankful to still be alive and I truly am, but I have been losing weight for a while now and when I actually want to look good, I feel like I am going to look rather... well, ouhbjfdv.
Have a nice week!

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