Saturday, 17 September 2011

Please click send to confirm your future...

Okay. UCAS opened this week. HOW SCARY IS THAT?! I cannot believe that it has come around so quickly. Not only this but it is six weeks until I am 18, heeeeelllo where has the last five years of my life gone?
As you will guess from my last post I do not feel as if I am ready for the "big wide world" just yet (this will probably be a recurrent theme through out my blog), and it just seems to be getting even more surreal as each day passes.... Mainly I am scared that I my personal statement is going to be dull, boring and lifeless and the admissions officers will drift off after reading the first line! Or that my grades are not going to be adequate. Everything is beginning to hit me a bit like a car crash. Hopefully all goes a-okay, but knowing me that is not likely to happen in the slightest. Eg. yesterday Mr Luck decided that I was on his bad side meaning that I nearly fell out of the bath whilst showering cutting my finger with my razor, to which I then followed with a nice skirt rip-just as I was walking into school, to then lose several pieces of school/course work.
Today, after a quick reflection, has been the most pointless day I have ever lived through. Okay, slight exaggeration. But still, I can feel winter kicking in, which = no motivation x sit around doing nothing + drinking lots of cups of tea - online shopping! So ELF had 50% sale when you spend over £25 at the min, which I ever so kindly treated myself to. I feel that there was no need to purchase the blusher, as my cheeks are glowing a nice fluorescent pink, a lot like when my brother has been playing way too much xbox. NICE.
This morning I went to Northampton's museum and looked around at the shoe exhibit for my art and design course- there are so many weird and wacky shoes that have been created, which makes me all the more excited for making my own for the final piece! I just hate all of the boring lead up stuff that I'm doing now. 

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