Friday, 23 September 2011

Must Purchase

I'm honestly the last person to go for animal print clothing, shoes I am all for just clothes can look tacky, so when I saw these from forever21 I was immediately hooked and I don't know why.

I saw this dress as I was looking through either the RI preview or layout, just before it was released and I loooove it, its just so classy, but not in an 'old' way. The only thing to why I am so hesitant about purchasing it is that when I was trying to take it off (raising my arms above my head), I could see that the mirror behind me was getting a right peek at my bottom! I'm not short, maybe just above average, so others may get away with wearing it... But yeah, I'm going to leave it a couple of weeks of adoring it and then make up my mind.

Forever21 is really doing it for me at the minute. There are so many different bits and bobs for really low (but odd) prices.

I want these brogues from Newlook as they are quite cheap and I primarily want them to go with some cute ankle socks I got from h&m last week; I know I should buy higher quality if I want them to last unlike my Primark ones, but honestly with by big feet they'll just end up having the same life anyway.

This bag is so funky. From studying art I have really begun to appreciate the different styles that there has been, and  the pop art style of this bag is oh so me. 

I'm a bit obsessed with this colour at the moment, as it has a really 'galactic' feel to it, The way that the suede gives the moonlight hint to it is gorgey. I'm not too keen on wearing heels at the mo as you will already know, I'm not the shortest around, so I think that them being £75 is a bit of a steep purchase for a wistful buy; despite the 20% student discount @ topshop that my other fashion savvy friend tried to tempt me with. On the other hand it is my 18th soon, hmmm...

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