Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Its finally out! Alfred Angelo's replica of Isabella Swan's dress came out yesterday!
I absolutely loved the whole twilight wedding, as I get so excited about weddings in general, so when I saw breaking dawn the other day I fell head over heels with the ceremony and the dress. 
I'd know about the replica coming out for a while, so eagerly kept checking up on the website, I was so disappointed to find it's only out in America, and something even more disappointing is that there is a competition to win the dress on the American site, not on the English/European. I never imagined myself liking a long sleeved gown; however since my love for Downton Abbey grew, as did that for vintage style dresses. The lace detailing is what makes me super excited too (sad or what?!) but its diviiiiiiiine! My dad thinks I am mad because over the past few months I keep revealing to him what my wedding will be like (he'll need to know how much he has to save up--I kid!)

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