Friday, 4 November 2011

Fitting room?

Today I went up town to spend some of my birthday money and I made some good savings woo!
I have to say fitting rooms are my pet peeve. I was trying on dresses in Dorothy Perkins and as I was drawing the curtain to, I noticed how see through the bloody thing was! I felt as if there was no point of it even being there! Also whilst I was getting changed to put my own clothes back on, a child wondered into my changing room, no not because they were looking for their parent, oh no. They were going round looking in the changing rooms! When their little head popped round I just sort of smiled awkwardly, whilst scrambling for my clothes, thinking they'd hop straight back out, but no just sort of lingered ( a bit like the sound of the mothers voice that was calling them from her changing room)... This is why changing rooms should have an assistant on at all times, like we do at river island. I find Dorothy Perkins terrible for it, there is never anybody there to help!
Another changing room I hate is New Look. eugh. My local one always stinks. I would say sick, but it has its own brand of smell that I cannot describe. Not only does it honk, but there is not an adequate space to put your belongings without half of your bum sticking out the changing room curtain (just me)? New look is another curtain offender, as this one's curtain crime is that the curtains are way too small for the rail, therefore leaving a peaking view either side. But I have to applaud it for being heavily lined... These fitting rooms are well manned, even if they are not always the most helpful. The fitting rooms only have one mirror-I wanna see my back!
H&M well, I have to say well done for the space arranging and instead of a curtain it has a door. However, all is not perfect in this fitting room, as the door does not have a lock and I am always petrified of having a Dorothy Perkins moment. Also the fitting rooms are never manned. Love the mirrors, giving you different angles.
Okay, so I may be a little biased here because I live for River Island as I work there, but I am going to be honest too. So the fitting rooms have a door and a lock which in my eyes are great, and there are two mirrors, although it would be nice to have one more... Its well lit, compared to Dorothy Perkins... It would be nice to have a little more space for my belongings, or maybe a little bench to prop them on. Also I know from serving on there myself, and being served, that the majority of the time there is always someone on the fitting room, if you do need any extra help.
I think it's important to have a pleasant experience in the fitting rooms as trying on new clothes is stressful enough without the added unnecessary ones too (such as it being way too hot!) as it can really put you off of that shopping experience.

Has anyone else had a bad fitting room experience?

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