Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I had such a lovely day yesterday and feel truly spoiled, thanks everyone! I honestly felt so special, although it kinda sucked that I was a school for the day; however today mummy is taking me for a treat day, woo!
I was given lots of money, pandora, I'm currently waiting for my iPhone 4s to arrive, perfume, twilight boxset and lots of Cath Kidston bits and bobs.
After school I went to my mums and literally ate utter rubbish, leaving me with terrible heart burn, something that I do get from my mother. Recipe for heart burn:
The only chocolate that I was bought was Lindt Lindor, which is my fave, and was also bought in ample amounts! I had a wee munch on that. Then we got a chinese which I ate way too much of, I kept thinking stop, but then I was also thinking it's my birthday I never get any chinese anymore because of the diet so keep going, which was a bad idea. I then had some white chocolate birthday cake, I felt so ill! All of this was nicely washed down by a bottle of rose. OUCHY!
So, yes despite the horrid heart burn I had an amazing time!
Thanks everyone! xo.

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  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday!! :) xx