Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I'd rather vom.

I had a rant about this to one of my close 'newly single' friend earlier. Public Displays of Affection. I don't mean the romantic stroke of the face, kiss on the cheek or gentle clasping of one another's hands, no I mean the awkward (for the spectators and participants) of the ever lasting tongue inspecting slobber match that happens when you are about 15 and you have no idea of what you are doing.
When I was at work two weeks ago this happened. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF RIVER ISLAND. The couple were a few years younger than myself, so when I turned round to put back some rejects I wanted to cringe/the ground to swallow me/to erase everything that I had just seen, but sadly it was too late. Without exaggeration, these kids were 'making out' right on the shop floor. I am all for young love and the 'can't keep your hands off of each other' stage, but please there is a time and a place and River Island is not one of them.
Another incident happened this morning, I was walking to my lesson when I saw some year 10's sharing their morning dose of bodily fluids. Not exactly the thing I like to wake up to.
Like I said, I think showing that you love each other in an affectionate manner is great; however you have to pick your gestures and your timings correctly. Teens nowadays (I sound like an old lady), it would seem that they feel pressure to act in such an overtly sexualised manner, in order to prove something to their peers, it is as if your first boyfriend/girlfriend is a trophy of teenage accomplishment and you have to brag about it at every opportunity. Most people would think that I am purely being sour at the fact that I don't have a boyfriend, I'm not, yes it would be nice to have someone, but I am happy to spend time with my friends and concentrate on school work. I just think that some people need to get a room to do what ever they need to do to relieve their teenage urges. VOM.

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