Saturday, 19 November 2011

dont cry about it.

I went to the twiathlon on thursday night, before the midnight screening of Breaking Dawn part one, it was amazing, I loved it so much! I have noticed that quite a few people are slating it, however I feel that they are being overly harsh towards it, yeah the birth scene was a tad long, but it needed that to build up the drama; as I am sure like myself, they were all sitting biting their nails praying for Bella. Kristen looked absolutely gorgeous and I loved her dress! It was such an emotional film, as there were a lot more witty elements to it, whilst still being combined with the heart wrenching parts too. I just cannot wait for the next part to come out!
So yeah I loved the film, but sitting in a cinema for what was over 11 hours meant one thing: EATING. No, not carrots sticks. Yes, crappy food. I am so annoyed with myself for letting myself go like I did.  I had so many sweets left over the next day I indulged in them too. I weighed myself today and I have put on 2.5/3 lbs ish. And yes I cried. I don't know if its because I am ill/stressed at the minute but I feel like an emotional wreck. I do know that I am so wrapped up in losing weight any +lb or maintain, means that I get so annoyed with myself, forgetting how well I have done so far.
I shouldn't let myself get upset over something so pathetic. I know that I am going to get back on track as from tomorrow and lose the weight that I had gained whilst enjoying myself. I am so excited to be going to my spin class on Monday.

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  1. ah losing weight sucks & is so hard :( we all have our "weak" moments! xxx