Sunday, 6 November 2011


It's my best friend's bday on friday and I am excited beyond belief. I want to get her something that she will like, it sounds bad, but I have no idea what to get her; it's because she has a varied taste and would not know where to begin. I suggested to some other friends to do a joint present (were getting her a bag) and the I might get her the new book by Cecelia Ahern as she is her favourite author. I'm worried in case she doesn't like the bag, I hate buying presents!
I am also going to make her a birthday cake! I think I am going to make a strawberry sponge with the butter icing that I used for the lemon and white chocolate cupcakes. I have been researching what cake to do and I think that this might be perfect, she did ask me a while ago to make the lemon and white chocolate cup cakes for her, but I think that this might be just as nice, or even nicer.
I'll do a post when I make it!

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  1. I have seen this a tad late as it is already Friday but I think a cake is always a great idea, I'm sure she would love one :)

    I think for my friends birthday, I am going to get a nice box and put lots of little things in of memories we have had and put a few photo's and her favourite sweets, etc!

    Jazz xo