Wednesday, 23 November 2011

the grass is always greener on the other side...

I had my Nottingham Trent test today. Yes, when I sat down my knees and hand were shaking and my face went hotter and hotter. I was overwhelmed by the whole situation. Within seconds of it starting the girl next to me was aggressively typing away getting both parts of the test done within 25 minutes of being there, whilst I sat there barely being able to press the keys, because my hands felt as if they were going to give way. I think it went so badly. It is such a shame as well as I quite liked it there. Although I was reassured by the guy sitting next to me, who also finished at the same time as me. GAHHHH. I have done so badly :(

On the other hand....
On my way home from Nottingham I decided to check my emails, and I realised I saw a name that I recognised......It was from the Bournemouth's programme administrator... asking me to go to the activity day!!!!! Literally had a grin as big as the Chesire cat the whole journey home. The only thing now is that I have to compose a portfolio of my work, but I have no idea of what to put in it! 19th December here I come!

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