Sunday, 13 November 2011


I have been a bit quiet this week post wise, but this week has been so hectic in terms of school work it's been awful! I'm so stressed. And because I'm so stressed about it I can't seem to focus on doing each piece as I am thinking about the other!
Other than school work I haven't really been doing much, apart from going to my best friends birthday 'gathering, I think it's safe to say I had too much to drink and now worrying in case I said or did something I shouldn't have. She loved the presents we got her too, which is always good, as I hate buying presents in case the receiver doesn't like them. I'm uploading a photo(one of the 122 that were taken) of me and my gorgeous best friends.
I got an offer from Leeds trinity this eek and an interview for Kent, which is really good. I really want to hear back from Bournemouth as they are my first choice. One friend has received all 5 offers, I'm so jel it's unreal.

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