Tuesday, 29 November 2011

the rest is still unwritten...

Yesterday I had my Kent uni interview & test.

I can safely say I am not going to Kent anymore.
Floods of tears start now.

Kent has always been joint number one with Bournemouth, but yesterday there was something about Kent that I was drawn to, I know it will change when I go to the Bournemouth interview/open day.

Apart from myself, the one thing that I know has let me down is that a girl from my year also was invited to the same interview/test day, she is so much better than me. It was a rare occurrence that we were both invited, never mind both receiving offers. Which makes me even more upset/annoyed as she doesn't want to go to Kent, she wants to go to Sheffield!!!!

Well I know my future is coming fast, which is incredibly scary. I will be happy once  I start my journalism studies, until then who knows...

I've noticed a few more followers to my blog too, so thanks! xxxx


  1. Aw maybe it's just a blessing in disuise that you're not aware of yet...good luck all the same! xx

  2. i know what you mean about your future coming fast, i can't believe i'll be off to uni next year! scary stuff.
    hope Bournemouth lives up to Kent :) xo