Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Today I went to the spa with my mum, I had a lovely day, it's not often that I get to spend that much time with just her. We decided to leave after lunch and on the way home she suggested going to the cinema when we got home as be both wanted to see contagion; however it wasn't on until 18:30 (current time 3pm) so we had to find another. When we got to the cinema we were set to go and see the help, but the time on the screen was different to what I had read on line, which was annoying, so we braved it to go and see paranormal activity 3. I think that the first one is scarier than the 3rd (haven't seen the second), and left feeling rather okay, but it wasn't until I came back to my dads to an empty house that I was literally so scared. I could hear noises coming from all around the house and I was really on edge. I hate scary films, even if they're not that scary I can never handle them, as today proved when I was clutching on to my mum for 'protection'. I wouldn't really rate it that well, to be honest, and have seen better films (including horror), so I wouldn't really recommend seeing it!
I have also had a thought of dying my hair dark brown with home dye like I used to, but the last time I got it done, it was done professionally and highlights were put in, so I'm not too sure how well the home dye would react. If any one has some suggestions it would be nice, as I am wanting to do it friday evening.

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